Leo Russell Sports is an established Asics shoe store in Melbourne for more than 80 years. Located in Preston, Leo Russell Sports is synonymous with no fuss purchase at the best prices backed by that old-fashioned service that everyone loves. Come to Leo Russell Sports to fit the entire family for all types of ASICS sporting and leisure activity shoes. From velcro to lace-up and ultimately walking shoes, we have every solution for any size/shape foot.

Every Saturday is our busiest day, so please come in early or any other day to avoid the rush! Leo Russell Sports is one of the first Asics stores to receive the latest models of Kayano & Nimbus shoes each time a new model is released see our  Gallery  for an idea of what our most recent stock is.

  • Running Shoes  |  Cross Trainers  |  Football Boots  |  Soccer Boots

  • Pre-School, Ladies’, Men’s  |  Bowl Shoes

  • Netball Shoes  |  Cricket Shoes

  •  All Asics shoes are Orthotic-friendly

    Come to Leo Russell Sports
      for a no frills fitting and purchase at a great cash price.